This is my blog. This is where I'll indulge necessary distractions from my main work as a novelist. I'll write about things such as: pure joy; love and hate; the battle of the sexes; eroticism; natural selection; warfare; political, religious, and social tyranny (and its opposition); technology; the cosmos; thermodynamics; free will, futility, and doom; MotoGP and F1; style; art; beauty....

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My first novel
Apr 14, 2014

My first novel is finished. Look for "The Mill: An Anti-Social Anti-Novel" to come out soon.

It is a dark and possibly mean-spirited exploration of the human condition, and the subsequent necessity for comic diversion. It is a 50,000-word, third-person, omnisciently narrated novel which follows a small band of young men as they start coming to grips with their bleak futures during some rough, summertime employment at a Midwestern flour mill. From the shockingly dangerous and filthy working conditions to the near-universal ineptitude and warfare, it describes the ridiculous workings of that microcosm and the rationally debauched minds of its young men with a brutality thus far unseen.

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