About Datalaundering.org

Datalaundering.org (DLO) began as a project to build a minimalistic set of robust web tools designed to facilitate privacy for any user of the Internet. This was quite a project. I conceived, designed, and built each feature myself, and after about two years of focus and effort, I deemed the project complete and ready for launch. But this coincided with the Snowden revelations and the Lavabit shutdown, among other related news. Since DLO was essentially the same as Lavabit, and similarly could not maintain its users' privacy against the demands and force of the U.S. government, it became clear that the project must not be launched publicly.

The project was not a total loss though. It was an excellent way to learn a ton of technology and programming. The site still exists (though abandoned) on SSL port 443: https://datalaundering.org/

After the experience of that project, and an evaluation of my career as an engineer who sat wasting his days in a vast cubicle farm, I decided to shun technology (with prejudice) and pursue a long-held passion for the arts, specifically writing. And as a writer, I figured that I should probably have a blog. So I repurposed my provocative domain name, and you get what you have here.

I did not want to use (learn) any current solutions or cookie-cutter templates for my blog. I despise clutter. I find simplicity to be aesthetically pleasing, and the features I wanted were minimal. I'm also a control freak, so I coded my blog myself using the old-school technologies that I know: Perl, MySQL, and Apache. And since it's conventional to submit manuscripts in Courier font, that font has become a part of me and I like to use it for all of my writing. And also, the blog's Discussion Forum carries on my philosophy of anonymity and freedom——no log-in of any kind is required to post. This will undoubtedly get abused, but hopefully also foster a more honest environment for sharing one's opinions.

I plan to write a short essay every so often, on any topic at all. I have a variety of interests and hopefully sharing my take on things might provoke (?).

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